Designed, Pre-Fabricated, Delivered - in 3 Days!

Rooftop Support Project Our customer was tasked with the refurbishment of their client’s prestigious new offices in Reading, including complete fit-out, M&E and air conditioning. The equipment was all booked to lift the heavy rooftop application into position, but what about the frame to support the 9 tonne plantroom on the roof? 


The new 70,000 sq. ft. office facility marked a £37m investment into the UK by the French global client. Their new UK headquarters, set within a 22-acre landscaped park on the banks of the Thames, would be able to accommodate more than 500 employees using open seating and collaborative working spaces.

During the project, our customer realised they required a Pre-Fabricated Frame to support a 9 tonne plantroom on the roof of the building. They contacted Kernow on the Wednesday afternoon asking for a solution. However, they required delivery to site by the following Monday - in time for a very expensive crane lift on the Wednesday which was already booked.

Kernow Fixings’ Involvement & Support

Understanding the customer’s urgent requirements, we quickly designed and pre-fabricated the frames ready to despatch on Friday evening. They were delivered to site on Monday as planned. This meant the customer had time to build it on Monday in time for the crane lift on Wednesday.

Rooftop Modular FrameWhat Support Did Kernow Provide?

The siFramo 80 modular frame system was the ideal solution. Kernow initially obtained roof plans, plant dimensions and weights, then quickly designed and pre-fabricated the rooftop system into transportable sections. This was palletised and delivered along with additional drawings to show which sections were on each pallet and how it all fixed together, making it quick and easy for our customer to install.

An off-site fabricated modular system was perfect, not only saving the customer a great deal of time (and money paying for an unused crane), but the customer would also enjoy the many other benefits of off-site fabrication including consistent quality of frames, enabling easy access to the right location on-site and reduced labour time on-site.

Plantroom on siFramo Support Frame
The main challenge on this pre-fabricated rooftop project was the tight time-frame for design and fabrication, especially as the project required a bespoke system to carry 9 tonnes in weight. But we do like a challenge! There was certainly no time for the customer to organise a welded frame solution.


The frame was designed, fabricated, shipped, delivered and installed in 3 days. The crane was used as planned and needless to say the customer was exceedingly satisfied.