BIS RapidRail

A Lighter Alternative To Strut Proven To Save Up To 40% On Installation Time Due To Fast-Fit Accessories.

RapidRail® Has Many Benefits Including:

    • Easier to Install - Especially when used in overhead applications. A lighter rail is easier to handle and is less likely to result in accident or injury.
    • Easier to Store and Transport - As well as being lighter, RapidRail® is available in 2m lengths which makes it easier to store, carry and transport.
    • Environmental Benefits - A light rail is more environmentally friendly as it uses less steel.
    • Fast-Fit Accessories For Faster Installation  With a full range of fast-fit accessories, installations can be made a lot quicker than with traditional strut systems which use nuts and bolts. Thus can save hours or even days on site.

For many installations like standard plumbing and heating pipework, ventilation pipes and cable trays, heavy and bulky 41 x 41 strut is not required. Lightweight and easy to install, RapidRail® is the perfect alternative.

The system has a RAL Quality Mark which means it has been independently tested and certified as a system to guarantee quality, reliability and safety in construction.

BIS RapidRail