Pre-Fabrication & Off-Site Solutions

Kernow provides a cutting and pre-fabrication service on a wide range of mechanical & electrical support systems and bracketry

  • Off site cutting and pre-assembled frames and brackets save huge costs on-site and increase your profitability.

  • Labour saving pre-fabricated solutions to speed up the job and ensure deadlines are met - greatly cuts down installation times.

  • Labour savings of up to 70% compared to your on-site labour costs.

  • Pre-fabricated bracketry reduces material whilst on-site.

  • Rigorous quality checks ensure you receive high quality supports, reducing defects on-site.

  • Fast, streamlined production process allows quick turn-around.

  • Reduces Health & Safety risks on site.

  • We provide Trapeze's, Goal Posts, H-Frames, Pre-Assembled Bracketry and even Rooftop Support Systems to your specified configuration.


    Key Benefits

  • Efficiency - Reduce the time spent on site cutting channel and studding or assembling brackets and pipe clips. The pre-assembled frame can be delivered when required for immediate installation, reducing the amount of time on site.

  • Value for Money - Because we cut channel in bulk, with the help of mechanical handling and in a clean clutter free environment, our cost per cut will be considerably less than using your highly skilled operatives.

  • Space - Make more efficient use of space on site by removing the need to have an area designated for cutting and assembly.

  • Waste - Eradicate excess off cuts of channel and studs reducing the amount of packaging to be disposed of - you only need to order what you require.

  • Quality Control & Product Consistency - Increase the consistency in the quality of the bracket assemblies by having them assembled in a quality-controlled environment that guarantees each bracket is thoroughly checked before dispatch.

  • Identification - Identification of our products is made easy, each product can be labelled, either by size or with your own specification reference.

  • Health & Safety - Reduce the health and safety risks associated with cutting and having excess waste on site.

  • Cost - Reduce costs by removing the need for hot work permits, cutting and labour time and by decreasing the amount of waste.


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