siFRAMO Modular Framing Solutions

Kernow Fixings are one of the UK largest stockists and distributors of the Sikla siFRAMO system, offering design and pre-fabrication services for the contractor and delivering to sites across the UK.

What is siFRAMO?

siFRAMO is a modular steel framing solution for the building services and process industries. Silkla's modular framing system is suitable for heavy pipe supports, rooftop support frames, plantroom supports, cable ladder supports, access platforms & walkways, and many more associated applications. 

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Is siFRAMO just an alternative to Unistrut?

No, this is a common myth in the building services industry.  siFRAMO is an alternative to welded steel supports.  siFRAMO and Unistrut are often used in conjunction together.

Why not just use traditional welded steelwork?

  • Welded steelwork cannot be modified on site - any adjustment often requires cutting and re-welding, resulting in slow progress and excessive wasted material.

  • Weight is high, performance is poor

  • Logistics are outdated and inefficient.  Lifting equipment is often required to move welded steel supports into position.  siFRAMO is 80% lighter, plus has the ability to easily assemble components on site.

  • A hot works facility is required for welding meaning higher risks on site, more costs and longer leadtimes.  siFRAMO assembles together using just an impact driver. 

  • Lead times are long.  A traditional welded steel support would need to be cut, welded, fabricated, transported to galvanisers, then delivered to site.  A siFRAMO support is off-the-shelf. 

We believe it is possible to work in a way that is more efficient and more productive for everyone involved.

A versatile, multifunctional support system that offers maximum flexibility using a compact range of off-the-shelf components for a huge spectrum of applications. 

How can a bolted system be as strong as a welded system?

The siFRAMO system is connected using a single component - the FLS Screw.  Unlike other fixings, this screw is not a self-drilling or self-tapping fixing which can work loose under vibration or stress.  The FLS Screw has a self-forming thread to create an air tight fixing, impossible to work loose. This results in a connection that can compete with the performance of a weld, technology that has been taken from the automotive industry.  

Is siFRAMO difficult to install?

There is no system on the market more simpler to use!  With a single connection screw for the entire range of siFRAMO components, it is simply bolted together using an impact driver.

So what are the main benefits of siFRAMO?

  1. All parts are reusable without wastage

  2. Strong but lightweight, cutting down the total tonnage of steel required for the project

  3. Readily available from stock

  4. There is no need for hot works!

These benefits form the foundation of siFRAMO:

  • Lightweight from only 4.3kg per M, offering easily adjustable connections secured with minimal assembly using a thread forming, shake proof fastening.

  • All siFramo 80 and 100 products are fully compatible with all other Sikla system parts including our SIMOTEC pipe support range.

  • High load bearing and height adjustable as standard with approximately 50mm of adjustability per pipe shoe.

So why use siFRAMO?

  • We can support you at every stage of the project and all of our products benefit from optimal design, performance and quality.

  • siFRAMO will save you time and reduce costs.

    It's the clever alternative to traditional secondary steelwork.

How can I order siFRAMO?

siFRAMO supports can be delivered in three ways:

  1. Fully pre-fabricated and delivered assembled to site.

  2. Pre-cut and delivered in kit form for assembly on site.

  3. Full lengths and components to be cut and built on site.


siFRAMO Modular Framing Solutions