A4 316 Stainless Steel Shield Anchors - Shields Only

A heavy duty threeway expansion shield suitable for use in brickwork and concrete. It offers exceptional grip allowing it to cater for oversized holes or weaker materials.

Often referred to as ‘Marine Grade’, A4 316 stainless steel offers some of the highest levels of resistance against corrosion and tarnishing making it ideal for use in marine or corrosive environments. It is identical in appearance to A2 stainless steel and retains all the same benefits, but offers an even greater levels of rust resistance.

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Code Description Size/Ref Drill Diameter Min Hole Depth (mm) Pack Qty Price Quantity
03430 M6S-SS S/S A4 Shield Only Shield Anchors M6S-SS 12 45 25
£915.82 (exc VAT) per 100
03431 M8S-SS S/S A4 Shield Only Shield Anchors M8S-SS 14 55 25
£547.73 (exc VAT) per 100
03432 M10S-SS S/S A4 Shield Only Shield Anchors M10S-SS 16 65 25
£917.71 (exc VAT) per 100
03433 M12S-SS S/S A4 Shield Only Shield Anchors M12S-SS 20 90 10
£1821.05 (exc VAT) per 100